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standard pallet in Australia is generally a square soft-wood or hard-wood pallet for transport in a RACE container via the Australian railways. They are used extensively for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods and beverages, and automotive purposes. At Inca Pallets, we stock a wide range of options in standard sizes and dimensions to suit various applications. If you need a standard pallet international size, such as an American standard pallet, we can design a made to order pallet based on the standard export pallet dimensions for any given country.

How Big Is a Standard Pallet?

Australian standard pallet specifications have dimensions of 1,165mm x 1,165mm. As leading manufacturers and suppliers, we ensure our standard pallets are durable, have an excellent weight capacity, and can fit a wide range of goods.

How Much Does a Standard Pallet Weigh?

standard pallet size in terms of weight depends on various factors including age, timber characteristics and moisture. The standard wooden pallet weight is generally between 15 and 22kg.

How Many Standard Pallets Fit in a 20 Foot Container?

For a 20 foot container, standard pallet dimensions allow approximately ten pallets to fit inside.

How Many Standard Pallets Fit in a 40 Foot Container?

For a 40 foot container, a standard pallet size in Australia means that up to 20 pallets can fit inside.

What is the Height of a Standard Pallet?

Our standard pallet dimensions height is 150mm.

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