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Affordable Moving Boxes in Melbourne

Find the best moving boxes in Melbourne that don’t compromise on strength or quality right here at INCA PALLETS. We’ve been serving local residents for years, providing highly effective solutions in a range of sizes to suit almost any need. Here is what you need to know before you hire or buy moving boxes.

Choosing Between Our Cheap Moving Boxes, Packaging Boxes & Shipping Boxes

When selecting the most suitable moving boxes for your needs, try to consider the type of material. For each of your individual applications, a different combination of flute and board grade is needed. The height of corrugation between the two board liners is known as flute. The most common flute used is type ‘C’ (4 mm thick), which holds high stacking strength. Another type is ‘B’ (3 mm thick) that possesses good burst strength properties. There are several other types of flutes (A-F), and each one has its own properties that make it suitable for different loads.

Grades of Packaging Boxes

Next, you need to select the board grade for your moving boxes. Choose from:

  • 5 Board (100% Recycled Material – Used for Light Weights)
  • 4 Board (Suitable for Self-supporting Products like Bottles)
  • 3 Board (Most Common – Can hold up to 2.5 – 7.5 kg)
  • 3 Super Board (Heavier than 3 Board – Can hold 5 – 10 kg)
  • 1 Board (Heavy Strength Board – Suitable for 7.5 – 15 kg)
  • 1 Super Board (Heavy Super Strength Board)
  • Duo Arch (Commonly used for small goods and fresh produce)
  • 3 Twin Cushion
  • 1 Twin Cushion
  • 1 Heavy

Corrugated Packaging

Once you’ve settled on the type of packing boxes you need, now you can opt for the size. We bring you cheap moving boxes in Melbourne that pack strength for various needs such as:

INCA PALLETS can meet all your moving and packing needs with premium quality moving boxes in Melbourne without the premium price tag. Whether you’re opting for new or second hand cartons, we promise to deliver you quality and cheap moving boxes in Melbourne. Call us now on (03) 9357 7476 to request a price quote.

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