Pallet Pickup (From Your Business)

Pallet Pickup and Delivery

Do you have an excess of pallets that you no longer need and want to offload for some easy cash? Do you need a shipment of pallets promptly delivered to your warehouse or distribution facility? At Inca Pallets, we’re proud to offer responsive pallet pickup and delivery services that meet your needs. We proudly buy pallets from and deliver pallets to Australian businesses.

Convenient Pickup

If you have too many pallets that are taking up room and causing issues, we can purchase and take them off your hands. We can compensate you fairly for each pallet, whether they’re brand new or previously used. Please note that the size, dimensions, weight capacity and materials used will affect the price. For example, the cost of a standard wood pallet will differ to a plastic oversized one.

Timely Delivery

As leading manufacturers and suppliers, we can design and deliver a made to order pallet within a short time frame. We endeavour to make it easy to buy and sell pallets at Inca Pallets so that you can get the job done. Pallets can fit in our trucks, allowing us to transport them in a safe and secure fashion. You can rest assured that your pallets will arrive in the condition you expect.

Find Out What Makes Us the Best Today

Next time you’re asking yourself “who can provide the best and most cost-effective pallet pickup near me?”, you can trust the team at Inca Pallets. We can pick up and deliver pallets across Melbourne and greater Australia in a timely and efficient manner. Get in touch with us via phone or online today to enquire about our pallet pickup and delivery services.

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