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Welcome to INCA PALLETS – Your One-Stop Shop for Moving Boxes in Melbourne

INCA PALLETS is a storage and packaging solutions company offering everything from timber pallets to moving boxes in Melbourne. When you need a space-saving, durable and time efficient solution for a storage or packaging problem, you can rest assured that we’ll have something that meets your needs.

We’re proud to be regarded as a leading cardboard boxes Melbourne supplier, aiming to provide our customers with cost-effective and high-quality packaging solutions, specialising in commercial quantities. We stock a wide range of cartons to suit you and your business needs, from boxes and containers through to pallets. Our pallet manufacturers in Melbourne are committed to working closely with our customers to provide ongoing stock lines and high-quality, highly durable products. We’re dedicated to offering you affordable packaging materials in Campbellfield and greater Melbourne without compromising on quality and service. Our cardboard boxes for sale are sure to do the trick at a cost-effective price.

Pallet Manufacturers in Melbourne

Storing items on the floor of a warehouse can be problematic, especially if that warehouse floor is prone to flooding or has succumbed to leaking water pipes or sewerage lines. Wooden pallets create a raised surface that eliminates the risk of your stock becoming damaged. As leading pallet manufacturers in Melbourne, we understand the design specifics necessary to create a durable, long-lasting storage solution. We offer a variety of new and second hand pallets for sale.

Cardboard Boxes in Melbourne

For such a simple item that’s found in just about any office, home or workplace, the cardboard box is as versatile as it is adaptable. It can be used for storage, for transportation of delicate goods, and even for visual merchandising purposes. Cardboard boxes can be stored in their intended formation or folded down to be reassembled when needed at a later date. They also come in a variety of sizes and dimensions to accommodate a vast array of needs. When you need high-quality yet affordable cardboard boxes in Melbourne, make sure INCA PALLETS is your first destination.

Whether you own a shop and need to keep the old stuff off the shelves and bring in new merchandise to make your shelves more sales friendly, or you need strong and sturdy moving boxes to store away your old stuff in the attic or basement, our cardboard packaging solutions can meet your needs.

Discover Our Range of Cardboard Boxes & Other Solutions

As a leading cardboard boxes Melbourne supplier, we understand that different cardboard boxes serve different needs. That’s why we offer a vast selection of different boxes and other solutions to cater to an equally vast range of needs. Speak to one of our sales specialists to determine which option best suits you.

Our range includes:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Archive boxes
  • Shelf ready boxes
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Tea chest size boxes
  • Book sized boxes
  • Small boxes
  • Large boxes
  • Pallet sized boxes
  • Double layer boxes
  • Medium sized boxes
  • And more

Cardboard Pickup from your business is also available.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Arguably the most common choice when anyone thinks about cardboard pallet boxes, corrugated boxes are created by gluing a sheet of paper to another wavy sheet which gives them their distinctive undulating appearance. Cardboard box manufacturers in Melbourne make corrugated boxes from heavy duty paper that typically includes corrugated fibreboard, paperboard and card stock. Ideal for use as moving boxes, these boxes are widely favoured for their strength and durability.

Archive Boxes

Archive boxes are typically used for storing large quantities of paper documents. These boxes usually come in two pieces with the box and a lid as a separate piece, or they can come unassembled as a one piece that can be folded into a covered box. When you need cardboard boxes in Melbourne for archive use, give us a call.

Shelf Ready Boxes

As the name suggests, these are the types of boxes you see every day displaying products on supermarket shelves. They’re particularly useful for keeping shelves looking tidy and organised, plus they can also assist with product branding.

Cardboard Packaging

For all those times when you need your extra stuff to be conveniently stored away from your eyes but within close proximity so that it can be easily accessed later, INCA PALLETS brings you cardboard packaging. Our solutions include carton boxes and cardboard boxes in a range of sizes that are strong, durable, and can be used more than once.

Wholesale Cardboard Boxes for Sale

If you’re finding it difficult to select the right material to store away your belongings, then we recommend using corrugated packaging. This is a dynamic, versatile, light, practical, recyclable, robust and economic packaging solution. It’s made up of one or two flat linear boards, with fluted corrugated sheets in the middle. This solution packs amazing strength compared to regular cardboard pallet boxes and is ideal for protecting your belongings, although additional inner components like cushions might be needed.

Depending on your requirements, we have several solutions for that hectic moving day and we promise to make it easier with our sturdy moving boxes in Melbourne.

Buy Affordable Cardboard Boxes in Campbellfield, Laverton, Tullamarine & Melbourne Wide

The INCA PALLETS team are proud to be leading pallet manufacturers and suppliers of cardboard boxes in Laverton, Campbellfield, Tullamarine and Melbourne wide. We’ve been serving the commercial and residential sector for several years now, providing quality and timely service that keeps us in high demand. For more information, browse or website or call our cardboard box manufacturers in Melbourne on (03) 9357 7476.

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